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Calling all Former Radio Butlin Announcers!
We are trying to help Roger Billington of the Butlins Archive establish the correct sequence of Early Morning Calls from Radio Butlin. Therefore, please e-mail us with the years which you worked in Radio Butlin and tell us which Early Morning Tune you played and we will pass all information onto Roger.

Welcome to Butlins Memories, the web's biggest resource for Butlins nostalgia and information. You may have happy memories of Butlins as a camper, as a staff member or even as a member of the forces serving at one of the camps during the Second World War, you may have never even have been to Butlins and simply be looking to find out more, either way you've come to the right place!

Amongst these pages you'll find a wealth of information, photographs & memories. Why not click the links above to go straight to your camp or hotel, follow any of the ones below to visit the other sections of the site or visit our busy & friendly forum. We also have a brief history of UK holiday camps aswell as pages on Pontins & Warners.

Established in 2001, there are now countless images and other information online and, as the lists below and on the updates page show, the site is continually growing so please keep checking back. Should you have any other images, information or memories to add or any comments then please send us an e-mail. Thanks for visiting!

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Wish You Were Here
"I'm an author and, with my partner Lynn Russell, we're writing a book for HarperCollins, titled "Wish You Were Here", about women who worked (or holidayed) at Butlin's in the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s. It's a follow up to our very successful book "The Sweethearts" about women workers at Rowntree's York chocolate factory, which spent several weeks in the Sunday Times Top 10 earlier this year.
We want to tell the stories of a number of women from the heyday of Butlin's. We want to reflect your lives in and out of work, your experiences, the highs and lows of working there, the laughter - and perhaps the tears - the friendships and bonds - and sometimes marriages - you formed, the relationship with supervisors, and whether work at Butlin's was "just a job" or something more.
Through those stories we aim not only to tell the tale of Butlin's but also of changing times and changing attitudes. It's not a history of Butlins, but obviously it's what all our interviewees have in common and the book will reflect the unique place that the company holds in the story of the British seaside holiday, and in the affections of many of those who worked or stayed there, year after year. It's a warm, nostalgic look back at an era that has now passed, but above all, it's a celebration of the women who worked or holidayed there.
I know that the women who collaborated with us on "The Sweethearts" found it a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience - so much so that some of them have become regular interviewees in TV and radio studios - and we're sure that former Butlin's workers and guests, will find it equally worthwhile. Every single one of our Rowntree's interviewees loved their working lives at the company - 'I'd go back there tomorrow if they'd have me' said one 95 year old, and I'd be very surprised if many former Butlin's workers didn't express similar sentiments.

You can reach us by email: neilhanson@blueyonder.co.uk
Phone: 01943 607005
Or mail: 8 Gilstead Way, Ilkley, LS29 0AE
Everyone's story is potentially interesting to us - please get in touch!

Neil Hanson


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